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Helping Georgia businesses clear the path to innovation and growth
To grow a business, reshape product lines or launch new ideas, it’s helpful to have a partner in the process rather than navigating solo. The Georgia Center of Innovation stands ready to be part of your team from start to finish, saving precious time and financial and human resources. Working hand-in-hand with Georgia business owners and leaders, our aim is to think creatively together, link you to experts and information, and supply other tools that move your business to the next level.  If you’re looking for impartial, professional advice, you’ve discovered the right place. Our team members bring wisdom and insight in their specific industries and have the ability to clear the path to innovation and expansion. Let’s get started.
"The whole process for Carbice was relatively simple," according to Craig Green, Carbice's chief technology officer. "Step one was learning about the Center of Innovation, its mission, and what it could offer us. Then, it was simply a matter of determining how we would access COI’s resources."
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Areas of Expertise

The Georgia Center of Innovation is available to work with any type of business but also has six very specific areas of expertise: Aerospace, AgTech, Energy Technology...
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We’ve assembled the most commonly asked questions and the corresponding answers to provide a quick look at how the Georgia Center of Innovation works with businesses. We...
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Executive Director

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