Terms & Conditions

  1. KarirHotelier.com in this case as the owner or staff job sites www.karirhotelier.com irresponsible with creatives advertising company or advertiser.
  2. KarirHotelier.com reserves the right to edit, moderate, remove, reduce / add descriptions, include links or do not show ads vacancies advertised by the company or advertiser is mainly false job advertisements and commercials that contain spam at any time and for any reason without prior notice, including blocking the membership in www.karirhotelier.com
  3. Every job advertisements which have been approved to appear in karirhotelier.com will be active during the next days from the date the ad is approved by KarirHotelier.com according to the jobs posting packages chosen.
  4. Job seekers agree if cv or resume has been uploaded on www.karirhotelier.com can be seen by the company or for the benefit of job seekers recruitment.
  5. KarirHotelier.com will never ask for a fee or commission for any interest to job seekers and job seekers are encouraged to not deposit some money to a company that promises a job as it could lead to cases of fraud.
  6. The advertiser agrees not serve creatives who violate the laws in force in Indonesia, and do not contain material or advertising content of the SARA and post fake job advertisements that aim to profit from the job applicants who use the service as an information medium karirhotelier.com job search.
  7. Job seekers are fully responsible for the information contained in the cover letter or cv or resume and do not involve KarirHotelier.com if indeed experienced a case of self-defeating because www.karirhotelier.com use as a medium to get job information.
  8. Users are prohibited from using the information available on the site for the benefit www.karirhotelier.com or unlawful activities and infringement of copyright or intellectual.
  9. The companies or advertisers agree to the terms of advertising rates by www.karirhotelier.com and subject to the conditions listed in point number 2 above.
  10. Users are the companies / advertisers and job seekers are subject to and agree to the terms and other provisions may be added from time to time and without prior notice of the KarirHotelier.com.